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Introduction and Background
Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major contributor to  the public health burden, particularly in industrialized countries (1). In the European Union, CAD management accounted for approximately 60 billion Euros in 2009, of which about a third was attributed to direct health care costs (2). In the United States, the total direct costs of CAD were estimated to reach 107 billion dollars in the same time period (3).
CMR is now well established as a reliable and safe technique to evaluate ischemia in patients with known or suspected CAD (4-9) and it is recommended as a class I or IIa test in European and US guidelines for stable CAD, respectively (10-13).

Current Evidence - Health Care Costs for the Management of CAD
Cost analyses are increasingly published and demonstrate the potential of CMR to reduce costs in the work-up of CAD patients (14-16). However, these analyses are typically focusing on either large European countries like Germany or the United Kingdom or on the United States health care system. Currently, other countries cannot easily adapt these evaluations to their specific health care systems. E.g. a recent study compared the costs of a CMR-based strategy to detect CAD vs two invasive strategies using invasive x-ray coronary angiography alone (CXA-only strategy) or in combination with fractional flow reserve testing (CXA+FFR). In the CMR-based strategy, only patients with ischemia on CMR were scheduled for further invasive CXA and revascularization in case of coronary stenoses (CMR+CXA strategy) (17).
The CMR+CXA strategy reduced costs in comparison to the CXA+FFR strategy of 34%, 27%, 14% in the UK, Switzerland, and Germany, respectively, and by 24% in the US. Cost reductions vs the CXA-only strategy ranged from 52% to 71%, mainly driven by a higher rate of revascularizations in the strategies without ischemia testing.
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These calculations are based on the diagnostic performance of CMR observed in the European CMR registry and included 3’647 patients (recruited from 59 centers in 18 European countries (18)). The analysis includes costs for the diagnostic tests, for revascularizations (PCI or CABG), and the costs for treatment of complications. For the cost calculations of the 3 strategies, the complications occurring during the first year of the CMR+CXA arm are used.

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The Output:
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The Conditions:
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2). A major goal of this initiative is to allow a broader community to benefit from the model calculations published recently,17 that are based on the CMR performance of the large EuroCMR registry 18 Accordingly, the calculations are identical to those having generated the results published in the paper “Cost-minimization analysis of three decision strategies for cardiac revascularization: Results of the “suspected CAD” cohort of the European Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Registry”.17 The user of the “CardiacMR Cost Calculator” agrees that the data he is submitting via this website and the results calculated thereof, can be used by the publisher of the website for scientific publications. If his data are incorporated into scientific publications, he might be invited to co-author such publications.

3) The user of the “CardiacMR Cost Calculator” is free to publish the results generated by the “Cost calculator” by citing the source as: “Results generated by the “CardiacMR Cost Calculator” accessed on the website “Herz-MRI”. The model is based on conditions as described in “K. Moschetti et al. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson, 2016 (doi:10.1186/s12968-015-0222-1)".

4). The publisher of this website is not responsible (as a matter of product liability, negligence or otherwise) for any injury resulting from any result provided to the user of the “CardiacMR Cost Calculator”. The results provided should not be used for decision making without considering the full spectrum of all economical aspects influencing costs, quality, safety, and adherence to guidelines of CAD management.

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- Publisher of this website: Juerg Schwitter, MD, Switzerland
- This service of cost calculations is a service provided solely by the publisher of this website and his collaborators. There is no affiliation with other organisations like the SCMR (Society of Cardiovascular Magentic Resonance) or any other societies that may link to this website.
- For the cost calculations we are asking for cost data from the 3rd payer perspective, i.e. from the insurance companies’ perspective, which are in the public domain (e.g. via DRG codes etc). In case of sensitive and/or confidential data on costs (that should not become public), please, do NOT transfer such data via this website. The publisher of this website takes no liability or responsibility for protection of such data during data transmission via this website, for the safe storage of such data after transfer, nor for any damages that could arise from dissemination of such data to others. In case of sensitive and/or confidential data to transfer, please, contact us via the free-text space below  (WITHOUT including any cost data) to discuss, how to proceed in such a case.
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To read the original article of K. Mochetti et al, JCMR; 2016 "Cost-minimization analysis of three decision strategies for cardiac revascularization: results of the "suspected CAD" cohort of the european cardiovascular magnetic resonance registry." open access (no charge):

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K. Moschetti et al. J. Cardiovasc. Magn. Reson. 2012,14;35.